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Psychedelic Integration 2019

Voices of Esalen Extended Edition
Seven-Part Podcast Series

Beginning with Aldous Huxley — a major inspiration for the founding of Esalen in 1962 — many influential teachers including Alan Watts, Terence McKenna and Ram Dass have articulated the value of psychedelics.

In Spring 2019, Esalen hosted a gathering of some of the key voices in the current dialogue on the role of psychedelics in mental health and transformation of the human consciousness. Organized by Allan Badiner, contributing editor of Tricycle magazine and long-time Esalen supporter, the workshop quickly sold out. In the spirit of disseminating the knowledge gleaned from these exceptional thought leaders with our greater Esalen community, we have curated highlights of the workshop in the form of a series of podcasts we’re calling Voices of Esalen Extended Edition. These podcasts are provided at no cost as part of Esalen’s nonprofit mission to advance personal and social transformation.

Featured speakers and panels include:

Michael Pollan on How to Change Your Mind
Rick Doblin on MAPS and MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy
Ben Sessa on Addressing Trauma’s Role in Addiction
Cannabis Panel
featuring Rick Doblin, Martin Lee, Ben Sessa, Marsha Rosenbaum and Allan Badiner
Psilocybin Panel
featuring Paul Stamets, David Presti and Ben Sessa
What About the Kids Panel
featuring Marsha Rosenbaum, Martin Lee, and Kristi Panik


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