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Road Conditions & Driving Tips

For traffic updates and other Caltrans projects in Monterey County, call (800) 427-ROAD (7623) within California and (916) 445-7623 from outside of California, or visit the Caltrans District 5 website.

Stormy Weather Driving Safety Tips

  •  Driving after dark is highly discouraged!
  •  Caution should be exercised when traveling, especially after dark.
  •  You never know what will be around the next turn. Large rocks/boulders often fall into the roadway and falling rock damage to vehicles and tires is not uncommon, especially during rain. Drive cautiously and at an appropriate speed for you to see dangers before you are upon them.
  •  Watch out for little sharp rocks as they pierce tire sidewalls. Make certain your are driving on tires that have good tread left to them and have a good spare tire, a jack and lug wrench with you and easily accessible.
  •  Be prepared to sleep in your car on the side of the road if you become trapped between slides or amongst rocks and debris and can not safely drive through or around. Help and road clearing might not happen before morning and you may need to be self-sufficient until professionals arrive. Carry an emergency kit that includes a sleeping bag, warm clothes, water, flashlight, flares, cell phone, glasses and contact lens supplies and any personal medications you take.

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