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Spirit of Esalen Honorees

2016: Terry Hunt and Marion Hunt

Terry Hunt has led workshops at Esalen, Omega, and other retreat centers over the last 30 years. A psychologist, Terry’s areas of teaching range from trauma recovery (Emotional Healing: From Co-dependence to Aliveness) to healthy relationships (I-You-Us: Pleasure, Intimacy, and the Search for Connectedness). He is also co-author of two books with the late Karen Paine-Gernee: Emotional Healing (1990) and Secrets to Tell, Secrets to Keep (1995). He consults with families and organizations to develop empowering family governance and family culture. He is a Certified Bioenergetic Therapist and a trainer in the Massachusetts Society for Bioenergetic Analysis.

Marion Hunt, an alumna of New York University, worked in the film and television industry as a producer of documentaries and features. She recently published a young adult novel based on a project during those years. For the last 30 years she has been focused on environmental issues in philanthropy, looking for root cause solutions. She has been a trustee of the Roy A. Hunt Foundation for 40 years where she has helped develop the environmental grant program and is a Program Officer for that program. Her interests include environmental health, climate and energy and food systems, and policy advancement. She served on the Friends of the Earth board for 14 years and has been a member of Environmental Grantmakers for many years.

Terry and Marion have helped support Esalen over many years including with the installation of the Living Machine in the garden.

2013: John A. “Mac” and Leslie McQuown

John A. “Mac” and Leslie McQuown are the first recipients of the Spirit of Esalen Award in recognition of their more than four decades of friendship and support of Esalen. They, and their son Morgan, provided a landmark gift to the Campus Renewal Campaign, resulting in the name of the Lodge’s bar & café in their honor, and have supported essential infrastructure projects on campus including enhancing Esalen’s bandwidth. The McQuowns also have supported the Center for Theory & Research’s citizen diplomacy initiatives, cosponsored with Esalen’s sister organization TRACK TWO: An Institute for Citizen Diplomacy.

Mac created one of the original Standard & Poor’s 500 index funds in the early 1970s and has been credited as one of the architects of the modern investing system. He has become a leading voice in environmental issues including serving on the Advisory Council of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Mac and Leslie are owners of Stone Edge Farm, an organic farm and vineyard located in Sonoma, California. The McQuowns have been able to reduce water usage at the farm by one-half. As the farm progresses toward establishing a microgrid and energy self-sufficiency, a fiber-optic network monitors each electrical circuit. Electrical power is provided by a combination of photovoltaic arrays, a fuel cell, and, coming soon, a microturbine. Stone Edge Farm produces more than a hundred varieties of organically grown vegetables and each produces 120 cubic yards of compost.

Prior to serving as partner at eBond Advisors LLC, a New York-based firm that’s producing a new type of security called an exchangeable bond, Mac was co-founder/director and principal of Diversified Credit Investments and co-founder and Chairman of KMV, a corporate credit risk analytics firm acquired by Moody's Investors Services.  He began his business career in the Corporate Finance Department of Smith, Barney & Co. and later served as the founder and Director of Management Sciences at Wells Fargo Bank as well as the first chairman of Wells Fargo Investment Advisors. Mac received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Northwestern University and a M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School.

“While there are other growth centers,” said Mac, “Esalen is the grand-daddy of them all. I earned my undergraduate degree at Northwestern, my master’s at Harvard, and my Ph.D. at Esalen – all but dissertation!”

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