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Esalen eZine Volume IV


June, 2014

The subject of our fourth eZine is Somatics, and our guest editor is Esalen’s own Don Hanlon Johnson, a leader in the field and a professor at California Institute of Integral Studies.

Both in Don’s lead essay, and in the four that follow, you will find a dance of fascinating resonances. For experienced musicians, the hand “knows” the next note better than the brain. For teachers at Esalen, the students and the setting provide much of the knowledge that informs the evolution of Somatics.


Jay Ogilvy
eZine Editor-in-Chief


Esalen's Role in Bridging the Body and the Body Politic
by Don Hanlon Johnson

A hidden secret shrouds the profound effect that Esalen has had on the world by way of the many transformative body practices that it has nurtured. Read more.


Unfolding the Body in Context: Continuum Movement and Esalen
by Beth Pettengill Riley

Continuum is a radical practice. Not just because it began during a radical time of human history—the 1960’s—but because, from its conception, it was an invitation to live outside cultural norms on every level. Read more.


A Think Tank, Hot Water, and a Touching Experience: The Molding of Massage at Esalen
by Brita Ostrom

The hot springs made it possible. The steamy tubs provided the chance encounter between the lead thinkers of mid-20th-Century America and their sensory, bodily experience. They wanted more, and what is today known as Esalen massage grew out of this impulse. Read more.


Feldenkrais at Esalen
by Ian J. Grand, Ph.D.

In the summer of 1972 I joined a group of leaders in Somatics and Psychology gathered at Esalen to participate in a six week training with Israeli Somatics practitioner, Moshe Feldenkrais. Read more.


Esalen and the Recovery of Classical Osteopathy
by Hugh Milne

Dick Price comes to Poona in 1977. I first hear of him in London, at osteopathic school. Read more.


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