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Esalen Workshops

Since our founding in 1962, nearly 100,000 visitors have come to Esalen to participate in our public workshops and conferences. Today we offer a wide range of weekend, five-day and seven-day workshops in such areas as:

  • Arts & Creativity
  • Body & Movement
  • Leadership & Society
  • Meditation & Spirituality
  • Mind & Psychology
  • Nature & Sustainability
  • Relationship & Self

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A Time to Reflect

Occasionally Esalen offers the opportunity to experience our land through an unstructured workshop.

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Experiential Program

Esalen will be offering a variety of activities for guests on the Experiential Program. This may be a guided walk in the garden, a socially-distanced yoga class and/or outdoor meditation.

Please be assured: all Experiential Teachers will follow the outlined sanitation and physical distancing guidelines set forth by Esalen. Movement-based Experiential Programs will be held outdoors as required by the state and county.

Guests are encouraged to bring their yoga mats, props and journals as Esalen will not provide them.

You can find the current Experiential Program class schedule posted outside the Lodge or at the Esalen Gate.

Self-Guided Activities

There are a wealth of self-guided activities to experience, such as:

  • Watching whales and the plethora of sea otters that visit us
  • Flowing through a mindfulness practice with a new perspective
  • Exploring one or several books for purchase in the Conley Bookstore
  • Building or enjoying a fire at the firepit outside of the Lodge—all social distancing and face coverings guidelines will be required
  • Hiking in the Canyon (weather permitting) however please check in with the Gate prior to, and more importantly, when you return. Please be mindful of the ecosystem—no hiking in the water or off the trail
  • Reading a book on a chair overlooking the ocean on the main lawn or near the Esalen Gardens
  • Disconnecting as there is no cell service and very limited access to Internet

You can find the current Experiential Program class schedule posted outside the Lodge or at the Esalen Gate.

The Baths

Heated by the molten core of the earth and laden with minerals, the waters of Esalen’s hot springs flow at a rate of 80 gallons per minute and emerge at a temperature of 119 degrees Fahrenheit. These waters possess deeply rejuvenating properties, and the Esalen baths are a place of refuge, reverence, healing, and contemplation.

Even with new safety procedures in place, the baths will continue to be a unique and tranquil experience, where each guest will have a dedicated 60-minute bath time in a tub all to themselves. Prior to your arrival date, you will receive an email with information about reserving your sessions online. Once you're here at Esalen, you'll simply head down to the baths at your scheduled time. After one of our Guest Services team members welcomes you for your appointment, please enjoy your personal time. Relax, let go, absorb the scenery, breathe. Prior to the end of your bath experience, a soft chime will alert you, indicating that it is time to vacate your tub so that our staff can sanitize and prepare it for the next guest to enjoy. Meanwhile, you wander back up the hill feeling more relaxed than you may have felt in some time.

Please note: At this time, Esalen will not be offering massage. Out of compliance with the county, state and federal guidelines, guests are not allowed to use the massage tables to give each other a backrub or massage.


The pool will remain open to guests and faculty. All social distancing protocols shall be observed while swimming or sitting in the pool area.

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If you are interested in sharing a ride with someone from your area, we can add you to a ride share list. We will attempt to match you with other people who are scheduled to arrive at Esalen on the same day and from a similar location. To be added to the ride share list or to inquire about possible carpool matches, please contact Guest Services at 888-837-2536 or email

Van Service

Currently we offer shuttle service to Esalen from the Monterey Regional Airport (MRY), with connecting service from San Francisco (SFO) and San Jose (SJC) airports through Monterey Airbus. Learn more.

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